The High-Speed LightSheer Duet is the new standard in laser hair removal. Affiliated Dermatologists is pleased to offer this treatment for permanent hair reduction with exciting speed and amazing comfort! The LightSheer Duet uses a small vacuum to draw the skin into the device improving efficiency and comfort. The new device also produces a much larger beam of highly concentrated light that pulses for a fraction of a second. The light emitted is absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicle, heating it up and reducing the hair’s ability to re-grow resulting in permanent hair reduction over time.

While we can safely and effectively treat all ethnicities and skin types, hair reduction procedures are only beneficial for dark haired individuals. Blonde, red, and gray haired people will not respond to hair reduction treatments.

Generally, a series of 5-7 treatments will be necessary to achieve the long-term look you desire. We usually space these treatments 4-12 weeks apart. Results vary but on average, results are noticeable after 4-6 treatments, with about an 80% reduction in hair growth. Touch-up treatments may be necessary to maintain optimum results.