May 26, 2020

Dr. Schuckit is clearly trained in Motivational Interviewing or another type of excellent communication skills/bedside manner. He asked several times throughout the conversation, “What do you think about this?” in a non‐awkward way. He balanced his “expert” role with listening to my concerns and was full of care and concern. It’s easy to find a doctor who is skilled in his/her profession, but it’s much harder to find a doctor who is ALSO skilled in reflective listening. Because Dr. Schuckit was the doctor with the first calendar opening when I called, I thought to myself before the appointment, “maybe this is the doctor nobody wants to see ‐ which is why he has an opening.” I could not have been more wrong! Everyone should be seeing this doctor who is skilled in attending to patient concerns and partnering in the decision‐making process. Thank you!

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