After serving as Chief Resident in the Mayo Clinic Department of Dermatology, Dr. Russell joined his father at Affiliated Dermatologists, S.C. in 2005. Board Certified in Dermatology, he is committed to the philosophy that the patient comes first, and he tries to embody that commitment with each individual patient. He is an active endurance athlete, and although he enjoys treating patients with a wide variety of skin conditions, Dr. Russell has a special interest in dermatological aspects of sports medicine and active lifestyles.

While training at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Russell received the O’Leary Award for Clinical Excellence and the Roy S. Rogers Award for Excellence in Patient Care. He has published several dermatological studies and is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Dr. Russell has a number of active hobbies including triathlons, road and mountain biking, cross country and downhill skiing, running and traveling. Dr. Russell is married and has two children. He also enjoys playing the guitar and singing in an acoustic band, Rimbender.